A Limo Ride Led to New Self Discovery

When my husband told me he was leaving me for his secretary, I honestly thought that he was messing around with me. I knew that we were not having the time of our lives like when we were first married, but I figured every relationship heads in that direction after being together for so long. Well, he was definitely not joking with me, as he moved out that evening. I moped around for a couple of weeks, but then I realized he was the one missing out. A friend had told me about Bright Star limousines packages designed for people who had just broken up with their significant others, and that definitely described me.

I loved that they had three different packages. The first is the Didn’t Love That Much package, which was a stretch limousine with a driver to take me to where ever I wanted to go. The second package is the Heartbroken one, which is the stretch limo and driver, but it also includes cold refreshments. While I thought those were both good, I knew that I was going to get the Devastated package. It is not because I was still moping around though.

With this package, I was able to get a luxury limo for ten of us. My two sisters, my neighbor and several friends joined in on the fun. I could choose my destination, and we were also given a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I thought we would spend the evening bashing men in general, but it was actually a celebration of new expectations for me. I hadn’t realized how much I had changed in my marriage because of his demands, and it was good to realize that the old me was still lurking deep inside. It just took good friends, a great limo ride, and a lousy husband for me to discover that.


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