I Was Not Leaving My Dog Behind

I have a black lab that is nearly 100 pounds. When I found out that I was being evicted because the apartment complex I had been living in was getting sold and transitioned into a commercial property, I was afraid for the first time in a long time. I knew how hard it was to find an apartment complex that would allow me to have such a large dog when I found that place, and I was not looking forward to starting that search over. A friend told me to look at www.bloomlasvegas.com before I started stressing, and I nearly discounted her as soon as I saw the homepage of the site. Continue reading


The Great Escape to Vegas

After my girlfriend and I got eloped, we looked for an apartment for rent in Las Vegas. Originally we were going to have a traditional wedding, but we decided against it when our parents started to stick their hands in the planning of our wedding. They wanted to make major changes that threatened to ruin the whole ceremony, and my wife and I couldn’t take it. We told them to back off, but they wouldn’t listen. So, in the middle of the night, we got in our car and drove to Vegas to get married at one of the instant wedding chapels.

The wedding wasn’t the most romantic one, but I was glad to be there with my new wife. She looked as beautiful as ever. Then again, she could look beautiful wearing nothing but a potato sack and a bucket on her head. This was the beginning of our new life, away from our parents. Continue reading