My Kids Have Shown Me What I Would Like to Do for a New Career

I didn’t really understand how much I would enjoy being a parent until after I had my first child. I knew I would have kids one day, but I had no plans to rush to have them. But early into my marriage, I found myself pregnant. One year later, I found myself pregnant a second time. Now, I find myself feeling so content to find great things to do with my kids. I just recently purchased foam puzzles for toddlers and also some flashcards for learning. It never ceases to me to see how much they love to learn. Watching them pick up on things quickly is quite amazing to me. I’m not sure if I will have more kids, but for now, I am really enjoying being a parent.

My husband told me that I should think about going back to school to get a degree in childhood education so that I can become a teacher. I am giving that some serious thought. In my state, people who have a four-year degree have the ability to go back to school for just another two years to get a degree to teach. Continue reading