Information on Becoming a Truck Driver

I am getting ready to graduate from high school in just a few short months. Most of the guys in my school want to continue their education and get a college degree. I’m choosing not to go that route because I have always wanted to travel the country as a truck driver. I have already started looking into some of the highest paying trucking jobs and how to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL). I came across a website that gives details on just about every aspect of this career you could think of.

It gives very detailed information on the health, age and driving record requirements for a CDL and also about the different types of jobs that require this special license. Continue reading


Get the Webs out of the House

We had a really long winter this year and I could not believe how bad the snow was. We had more snow than in any recorded year before and it never seemed to end. I had to do a really deep cleaning of my house after the winter we had, the floors were trashed and the walls were filthy from the dogs. I had to look for spring cleaning in Singapore where the professional people would be able to help me with the big clean out after the longest winter that I had ever known. My neighbors and I have really never lost power before. Continue reading