Don’T Let Geese Ruin Your Yard

It’s like they’ve come out of nowhere. For the past few months I have been waking up to more and more geese filling my yard. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal – they’re only geese, right? Turns out that these geese don’t care in the slightest about how much money or time you’ve put into your yard. They leave it a disgusting mass of mud and feces with their constant digging for food. I ended up having to pay a pretty penny for Canada geese control in NJ. I didn’t expect that it would be this much but it was something that had to be done.

It was embarrassing too. Some of the other neighbors down the road had already done it themselves but didn’t bother telling the rest of us that there was a serious goose problem. So as they were chasing out their own geese they were being forced deeper into the neighborhood and into our yards. It sure would have been nice had the pest control agency had told the rest of us. No doubt they were trying to make as much money as possible by forcing the rest of to hire them.

I suppose it doesn’t matter overly much. This is the world of capitalism after all. I’d much rather pay to get rid of the geese than allow them to take over my yard like they did. Now I have to pay even more money to have the yard completely replaced. A whole new plot of sod – the amount of fecal matter that they left behind is gross! I was starting to smell it in the mornings and for that reason alone I would have been rid of them. At least it’s cheap to chase off the geese; cheaper than having your sod replaced.


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