Finally My Gums Look Right for My Mouth

I looked into cosmetic dentistry for Aurora after reading something online that there exists an actual dental procedure that can fix a very gummy smile. The last time I talked to a dentist about my situation, around fifteen years ago or so, he explained that there wasn’t much he could do about an excess of gum tissue. It’s been a problem my whole life. I have so much exposed gum tissue when I smile that it makes my teeth look very small. I look weird is what it is. Looking at my yearbook photos is still painful.

So when I saw something about a procedure that can reduce gum tissue, something called cosmetic gum sculpturing, through the use of lasers, I was quite intrigued. I found a clinic online that does cosmetic procedures, specifically this one, and went in for a consultation. The dentist looked around my mouth for about five seconds before he declared that I would be a good candidate for the procedure. Great! I had to make another appointment for a week or so later for the actual procedure. Needless to say, I was a bit wary. I worried it might hurt and imagined a month of bleeding gums.

I needn’t have worried. The dentist didn’t even put me under. There some painless shots and then the lasers went to work. I didn’t feel anything other than a few seconds of some very minor discomfort. By the time I woke up the next morning everything seemed ok. I was able to eat well enough, but had to stay away from the hot coffee for a few days. I went back in a week later for the dentist to make sure everything was ok, and it was. The procedure worked wonders. Now when I smile, people who know me wonder what I did to look so different! They have no idea what happened!


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