Get the Webs out of the House

We had a really long winter this year and I could not believe how bad the snow was. We had more snow than in any recorded year before and it never seemed to end. I had to do a really deep cleaning of my house after the winter we had, the floors were trashed and the walls were filthy from the dogs. I had to look for spring cleaning in Singapore where the professional people would be able to help me with the big clean out after the longest winter that I had ever known. My neighbors and I have really never lost power before. In fact, we had lost power about nine years ago and that was the last time that we lost power due to a storm or weather. I was really shocked to see that we had lost it in a matter of two storms, no less than six days apart from one another.

I was hoping that the people we were going to hire would not mind if we met a few times to assess what had to get done, instead of just having them come over once and try to get a lot of things done within a short period of time. The company told me that they could get me the same person for all of the visits. I thought that would be a good thing because it would not make any kind of sense to have someone come and go through my house if they were not going to be the person to come back and clean. I found someone that was going to be coming to my house two days after I called and spoke with the company, I was so glad to learn that they would work with my own schedule and routine.


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