I Just Got out of College

In fact the truth is that I am already set up for a job, although it is not really of my merit on my own part. When I was at Vanderbilt I met this girl, she was an awesome girlfriend, but I had no idea that her family was rich until much later. The first time she took me to Kingsport I was shocked to learn that they had all sorts of money, but her parents were really normal folks. If you click here you can see the place where she has, which is a really inexpensive for her. She is paying about seven hundred dollars for a one bedroom apartment, but of course she has a job and so do I and her grandfather is going to give her five acres of land just on the edge of the town. He showed it to us, but the obvious idea was that it was going to be a wedding gift and she does not have that idea in her head just yet. It is going to be a good while and she makes that clear.

The obvious thing is that I have to prove that I can learn, this is not a give away job. They expect you to learn everything. Of course it is even more obvious that if you are both good at the work and you are in the family, then you are going to be really apt to succeed. The town is really nice, especially if you like the outdoors. She and I went to a huge lake house this weekend, of course there are a lot of big TVA lakes in this state and we had a great weekend. I caught a bunch of walleye and we ate them for supper, then we went water skiing the next day.


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