I Started Hunting for a House

So far it has not been all that encouraging when I went out and looked at some of the Cherry Creek real estate that is on the market. Of course what I am looking for is something that I can afford and that is not going to be a very big place. I have been thinking about the fact that I need to get a down payment before I can start, but if I find the right place that is not going to be as big of a problem as I thought at first. This guy that I went to school with went to school and learned how to program computers and he has already bought this little house. The down payment was not that big of a deal to him and he is making so much money that he would be able to pay the house off in a couple of years if that made sense. Of course the interest rate on the loan is so small that it makes better sense for him to invest that money instead.

At any rate I am thinking that if I can find the right place at the right price this will all fall into position. The big thing is to have the money, after that you need to find a seller who wants to sell at a price that makes sense for both parties. It is going to be a problem to figure out how to navigate the process, so I am wondering how much sense it makes to get a realtor involved. They are going to have the answers for all of the questions that arrive, but obviously they are going to expect you to pay them for the time and effort that is involved. The question is whether the trouble they save you is worth the cost they add.


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