I Was Not Leaving My Dog Behind

I have a black lab that is nearly 100 pounds. When I found out that I was being evicted because the apartment complex I had been living in was getting sold and transitioned into a commercial property, I was afraid for the first time in a long time. I knew how hard it was to find an apartment complex that would allow me to have such a large dog when I found that place, and I was not looking forward to starting that search over. A friend told me to look at www.bloomlasvegas.com before I started stressing, and I nearly discounted her as soon as I saw the homepage of the site.

The picture was absolutely gorgeous on the main page, and I could tell that this was an upscale apartment complex. I had no idea why my friend told me to look here when she knew the reason I was stressed was because most apartment complexes don’t allow dogs and the ones that do have size limitations on them. I continued to read the site though, and it was only a minute or so before I found out that they do accept dogs there. Even better, there are not size restrictions.

I found that so hard to believe, because even the apartment complexes that pale in comparison have restrictions. I was not about to pass up this chance though, and I filled out an application right there on the spot. It was very easy and did not take long at all, and I did not have to wait very long either to hear back from them. When I saw the approval, I could have cried. There was no way I was going to leave my dog behind, but I also never imagined that we would be living in such a nice place either!


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