Information on Becoming a Truck Driver

I am getting ready to graduate from high school in just a few short months. Most of the guys in my school want to continue their education and get a college degree. I’m choosing not to go that route because I have always wanted to travel the country as a truck driver. I have already started looking into some of the highest paying trucking jobs and how to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL). I came across a website that gives details on just about every aspect of this career you could think of.

It gives very detailed information on the health, age and driving record requirements for a CDL and also about the different types of jobs that require this special license. It also goes on to tell you the different classes of a CDL and examples of the vehicles you are allowed to drive with each class. There is a section on this website that provides you with a full guide to free CDL training. A list of the top paying trucking companies is also provided, which is a great source of information for me. I was surprised to see that they also give suggestions and recommendations on products associated with truck driving such as seat cushions and CB radios.

With all of the information provided, I am going to start preparing for the first step in my journey by studying for my CDL. After I pass that test, I am going to start applying to some of the top paying companies listed. I’m very excited to begin this next stage in my life by starting a rewarding career that I know I will enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day I will become one of the ice road truckers that have been seen on television. Only time will tell.


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