Looking the Best You Can Within Your Budget and Time Constraints

You see these singers, performers and actors on stage and in the movies. They have the nice clothes, perfect teeth and perfect hair. Then regular folks get it in their minds they need to look like that to be accepted in society. That is not true, and all of the performers have professional stylists, plastic surgeons, personal trainers and makeup artists to keep looking good. I have a great smile and am fit but my hair is dull and dry no matter what I do. I found really good curly clip in hair extensions to make my hair look dazzling. I found out that those stars with the perfect hair and teeth also get weaves, and extensions and spend a lot of time in the dentist’s chair.

I feel great in that my teeth are naturally white and very straight. I did not need braces as a child. I keep them looking great by daily brushing and flossing and twice yearly cleanings. However, there is nothing I can do about my natural hair. All of the best treatments, and believe me I have tried them all, still leave me with dull and dry hair. Adding in the Brazilian Body Wave hair to my own makes my hair look just as good as any of those performers. Now what I am saying with this is just some advice to go with what you got and do not spend all your money and time on trying to perfect anything. Sure, you should try a couple of things to look the way you want to look, but don’t try to mimic those professional performers. You’ll go broke trying!

If you believe you should lose a few pounds, do it to be healthier not because you want to please a man. If you want a straighter and whiter smile, then save your money to make it happen. A nice smile is a huge confidence builder. If you do not like your hair, look for the easiest and least expensive ways to make it look like you want it to. That way you can maintain it on a daily basis without breaking the bank. My mom goes to the stylist twice per week, but she has a job to afford that. I don’t.


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