Physics Does Not Have to Be Boring

There are so many jobs that can be had because of a physics degree. In fact, I don’t think there is any other degree that can open so many different career doors for a person than a physics degree. That is why I was concerned when my son told me that he just was not getting everything in his physics class at school. I knew that he needed to keep up with his class, which is how I found myself at, a website for a great tuition centre here in Singapore.

I wanted my son to not just get a better grade in his class. I wanted him to understand the subject and have fun with it too. I know that physics can be hard in some areas, but I also know firsthand how rewarding it can be. There are a lot of fun aspects of it too, which I finally convinced my son of when I told him that without physics, his video games would be a complete bore. Those were the magic words, and he wanted to learn as much as he could. His learning style was just not compatible with his teacher’s teaching style though.

That is where the tuition centre came into the picture. Mr. Tony was able to explain physics in a fresh new way for not only my son but the other students in his group class. My son actually found as much help in the group conversations as he did with the lecture portion of the class. He is looking forward to taking his examinations now because he is certain to get a great score. That is going to help him with his future studies in college, and then later on in life when he decides just what he wants to do for his career!


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