The Perfect Gift for a Woman

I never really understood the difference between the different kinds of nails for women. I knew that there were acrylic, gel and shellac, but I could not tell you what the difference between the three was before. When my friend got me a certificate to get acrylic nails in Singapore, I went online to see what they were before I went in to have them done. I found out that it is a mixture of liquids and powders that form a really hard layer over the existing nail. There are a lot of advantages over having this type of nail over the other kids too.

I have always heard that people break a nail and are able to fix it, and i found out that this is the case with acrylic nails. They don’t have to go back to the nail salon if it breaks, unless there is a really complex design that the nail salon would need to fix as well. For the most part though, it can be fixed by the person themselves. I also like that they are very tough and last a long time. The best part is when I want a change, they will be very easy to remove too.

There are some cons to having acrylic nails too. They can look very unnatural if they are not put on the right way. The process can also be a bit lengthy, but neither of those things bothered me. I was not concerned about not having them applied the right way because my friend got me the gift at a very well known salon. I also did not mind if it took long because I was just planning on enjoying the entire process. I am so happy that she got me this gift, and I am going to repay her the favor in the very near future. It really is the perfect gift for a woman!


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