This Company Cleans My Apartments Perfectly

I manage three small apartment complexes. The smallest one has six units, the next one has ten, and the biggest has 22 units. Altogether, that is 38 units. We deal with a lot of college students, so there are often quite a few vacancies at the end of every school year. Most of the students give up their deposit so they don’t have to go through a cleaning inspection, and I am okay with that. I have a company that does post tenancy cleaning for Singapore apartments like the ones I rent out, and they do a much better job than most students could even begin to do.

I was not really too sure the first time that I used them if it was going to be money well spent. I was so used to having to go in and clean after the apartments had already been cleaned, or supposedly so. That is the difference between a professional company and someone who just wants to move on with their life though, not really caring if they leave a bit of a mess behind. I knew after the first time of using this company that I was going to use them every single time because of the fantastic job that they did.

I like that this company goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning. They do the surface stuff, but they also go deeper than that too. I get the complete package, which means they clean the ceilings, the blinds, the ceiling fans, and everything else all the way to the floor. I know that when I take a new student in to see the apartment, I do not have to worry about what it may look like. I don’t even check anymore because I know it is going to be in perfect shape for the next student.


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