This is the Dentist for Me

I knew that I had to find a dentist sooner rather than later when I first moved to Denver a few months ago. I had a cleaning right before I moved, so that did give me a little bit of a buffer. I did not want to be stuck looking for a dentist just a week before my next cleaning and checkup was due, so I decided to start looking at dentists reviews for Denver a few weeks ago. I did not want to waste a lot of time reading about every single dentist in the area, so I did the next best thing.

I knew that if there was a really great dentist in the area, people were going to leave reviews. I also knew that those same people were going to leave negative reviews if they had a bad experience with a local dentist. Instead of visiting every dental website and trying to get a feel for each practice, I looked at a local review website and looked under the healthcare forum. There was one just about dentists, and I actually enjoyed reading the reviews because they told me a lot more than any dental website could have on its own. I learned about the staff, the dental services offered, and even how pleased or displeased patients were with each one.

It seemed that there were only a few dental offices that had glowing reviews across the board, so I chose the one that is closest to where I live. I knew that they were accepting new patients after a quick look at their website, and I went ahead and called to schedule my appointment. I am not due for a couple of months, but I figured I should go ahead and make it in case they had a long waiting period. I have not been there yet, but I am already feeling very comfortable about the entire practice as well as the staff because of everything that I have read about them.


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